arts, culture & media

We wish to facilitate the efforts for systematic cooperation between European organisations and networks working for the arts, media, culture and publishing on the one hand and the cultural and creative industries in Member States on the other. We intend to work towards cooperation for cross-national participation in innovative multilingual projects which give expression to different forms of creativity.

We are particularly interested in assisting the development of systematic links and cooperation between organizations and networks for high quality European cultural, audio-visual and cross-sectorial projects dedicated to help the integration of refugees and fostering intercultural dialogue. When such collaborative projects are underway, we wish to assist in the dissemination of information and worthwhile results at European and national levels so that these serve as samples of good practice.

Last but not least, we intend to assist the European Commission to develop evidence-based policies that promote and strengthen the contribution of the culture sector, engage in dialogue with representatives of the culture sector, consult culture sector experts and Member States to support policy-development.