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Declaration for Multilingualism in HE

Who we are

We are a European civil society organisation advocating practices of and research into multilingualism in society and all its cultural activities and in plurilingual education in Europe and beyond. Enrolled in the European Commission Transparency Registry as an NGO, we are a legal entity with our secretariat in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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8-9 April 2022
ECSPM 2022 Online Symposium
Language(s) and the construction of knowledge in European HE

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Languages and language policy

The EU, which has opted for institutional multilingualism, is one of the most multilingual polities in the world. It recognises the 24 (national/official) languages of the member states, and legislation, key political texts, as well as all parliamentary documents are translated into all EU...

Language education and equality

We are working to make sure that all European students have the right to learn two languages in addition to their mother tongue. We will be making use of our networks to make this objective a priority of education systems, which are often not prepared to offer the kind of language education...

Research and project work

The ECSPM is interested in and carries out research pertaining to multilingualism, bilingualism, plurilingualism, and languages in education, in society and the public space. It reports on EU funded projects and those carried out by its own members for whom it provides a platform for collaboration....

Multilingualism and digital technology

In this digital age, the development and use of multilingual technologies, opportunities for multilingualism through the use of digital technologies, and the effects of the introduction of digital tools and information computer technology in language education are major concerns of the ECSPM....
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The ECSPM is involved, as coordinating institution, in a CASE STUDY ON LINGUISTIC MEDIATION IN HIGHER EDUCATION, in the context of the project led by the University of Strasbourg: “Le multi-/plurilinguisme dynamique, terreau de l’excellence inclusive dans l’enseignement supérieur” (January 2023-January 2024).

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News bulletin December 2022

2022-12-17|Categories: News bulletins|

Information is provided in this single-page bulletin about: ECSPM having signed a European agreement for reforming research assessment; ECSPM collaborating on a University of Strasbourg funded project to cooperate ...

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