2024 ECSPM Symposium

22-23 May

The central notion in the theme of this year’s symposium is plurilanguaging which is basically the enactment of plurilingualism, defined and described in the CEFRCV (Council of Europe, 2020). Like the notion of translaguaging, it refers to language users involved in a process of meaning-making, using all the linguistic and semiotic resources they have in their repertoire, rather than fuss over which ‘language’ to use in which social context. Our concern being that both schools and higher education institutions continue to be a monolingual enterprise, we need to move from theory to practice and to understand how we can transform education in such a way so that it is suitable for our super-diverse societies in a globally interconnected world Like other annual ECSPM symposia, this year’s event brings together a group of distinguished academics and educators who will share, discuss, and present their views and experiences, but also raise questions and point to those queries that need to be investigated.