News bulletin December 2021

The News bulletin, December 2021 reports on important past, present and future events and activities in which the ECSPM is involved and/or is instigating. There is reference to the 2022 ECSPM Symposium, and the ECSPM-CURUM’s 2021-2023 concentration on multilingualism in European ...

2022-04-19T12:27:54+02:002021-12-24|News bulletin|

News bulletin December 2020

The News bulletin, December 2020 includes information about who the new ECSPM-CURUM members are and announces our organisation’s immediate future actions. Also, it contains information about the European Language Equality project, in which ECSPM is a partner, and a ...

2020-12-21T09:43:42+01:002020-12-21|News bulletin|
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