News bulletin September 2023

In this two-page News Bulletin, issued on 26 September, the European Day of Languages, there is information about ECSPM’s 2023-24 important actions and about the events planned for April 2024 in Konstanz Germany, and for May 2024 in Ghent, ...

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In Memoriam

Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, a member of the Multilingualism Expert group of ECSPM, passed on 29 May 2023, leaving behind a great legacy for the global linguistics community. To quote Francis Hult, also linked to the ECSPM, “With her death we lose ...

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News bulletin December 2022

Information is provided in this single-page bulletin about: ECSPM having signed a European agreement for reforming research assessment; ECSPM collaborating on a University of Strasbourg funded project to cooperate with five universities on a linguistic mediation case study; ECSPM ...

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News bulletin September 2022

New ECSPM’s memberships are presented in this two-page news bulletin, which commemorates the European Day of Languages with our members’ messages, in different languages, celebrating the importance of linguistic diversity and multi-/plurilingualism (p.2). Also, the ECSPM symposium to be ...

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