Developing the civil society’s awareness and impacting policies on the role of multilingualism in education

22-24 March 2023

Hosted by the University of Strasbourg, under the patronage of the Council of Europe

The 2023 symposium, which will be a hybrid event, follows up on ECSPM work for research-based policy recommendations and scholarly inquiry with the intent to strengthen the role of European HE in transforming attitudes to languages, multilingualism and plurilingualism for linguistic justice and more inclusive learning environments. Our concerns are upraised during these trying times for Europe and the rest of the world, facing challenges of interconnectedness and a drift towards the privatisation, the internationalisation and the consequent Englishisation of HE – all of which may have a backsliding effect on democracy. Our vision is related to the potential of universities to contribute to human and social development in democratic societies, through the facilitation of greater inclusiveness and respect for linguistic-cultural diversity, multilingualism and plurilingualism which are at the heart of the matter.