Reforming Research Assessment

Professor Theodoros Marinis, member of the newly elected Executive Committee of the ECSPM, notified us that the European Commission has drafted an agreement for reforming research assessment, and it mentions that research criteria, tools and processes should value diverse outputs ...


Chaire mobilité : Recherche en bilinguisme

L’Institut des langues officielles et du bilinguisme (ILOB) sollicite des candidatures externes de membres du corps professoral qui travaillent à temps plein dans une institution de recherche à l’extérieur de la région de la capitale nationale pour une nouvelle Chaire ...


Mobility Research Chair in Bilingualism – Ottawa

The Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI) is seeking external applications from tenured associate or full professors working full-time at a research institution outside the national capital region for a new Research Chair in Bilingualism Studies: Mobility Research Chair in Bilingualism.  ...


CCERBAL Research Forum

The Canadian Centre for Studies and Research on Bilingualism and Language Planning (CCERBAL) warmly invites you to its next research forum, 'SUPPORTING INCLUSION THROUGH INNOVATION: FACULTY PERCEPTIONS OF A CONTENT AND LANGUAGE INTEGRATED MODEL OF SUPPORT IN A CANADIAN, ANGLOPHONE UNIVERSITY.' ...


Multilingual Mind celebrates EDL

To celebrate the European Day of Languages, Multilingual Mind has created a webpage where you will find a quiz about Multilingualism. Take part, learn more about the  multilingual brain, language learning, language teaching, language and emotions and more. More information ...


EDL in Strasbourg

Our members at the University of Strasbourg, being members of the EPICUR University Alliance, host an event on 25 September 2021, celebrating multilingualism. A plenary session, a workshop and a workshop-conference. For more information, click here.

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